Crunchy Tuna Melt

This is one of my favorite recipes for a quick and easy snack. And you can make it as colorful as you want!

For those who count calories, this is under 150 Calories, which is exactly what you want to stick around for snacks when you’re on a strict diet. To top it off, this takes between 5-10 minutes to make, depending on what you put in it!

Most people would use shredded cheese, but I LOVE crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese


The Recipe for the picture follows:

  • 1 large Zucchini, cut horizontally (as thick or thin as you prefer)
  • 1 can of tuna (I prefer the ones in water)
  • 1 tbsp Sriracha sauce (I love it spicy! You can omit this if you aren’t a spicy fan)
  • 1/8 cup Gorgonzola cheese


  1. Heat up Zucchini slices over medium heat in a pan lightly coated in olive oil to desired crispness/tenderness (I typically only heat for 3 minutes). Remove Zucchini and place on plate.
  2. Heat up tuna in same pan. Be careful to not heat up the Tuna too much. We only fry the tuna just to heat it up quickly!
  3. Place Tuna in separate bowl, or directly on top of Zucchini slices. Add cheese. Enjoy!


I’ve also made this with Jalapeno slices, and scrambled egg to add more protein and a little more spice, leaving me feeling fuller! Feel free to substitute the Zucchini with Cucumber, and enjoy the hot tuna on a cold crisp Cucumber! Great for the Summer.

What are your favorite go to healthy snacks?


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