About Gabriela

Hi there!

I’m Gabriela, a Naval Academy alumni (Marine), now a stay-at-home-mom, wife to a Pilot (pew pew, pew!!), mom to the worlds happiest baby, and Secretary for the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation.

See, he's really happy. He likes to make you happy, too.

Did I mention he’s super handsome?

I’m sure right now you’re wondering why my website is called single yet married. How can I possibly be single when I’m married. Simple. Because my husband lives at work! Not literally though. Except for some nights, literally.

The idea behind the name “Single Yet Married Mom” came from a truth most military spouses feel on a day-to-day basis; We are married, but during times of deployments, work ups, and even regular week days, we feel like single parents. We know how to change a diaper while flipping through the cook book for the next meal idea, having an in depth conversation with our parents, and planning the next spouse social event

I wanted a title that was bold, funny, caused you to question my sanity, but held truth behind all those facades.

I wanted to create a space for military spouses like me – who need a little inspiration and motivation when it’s time to up and lift roots just one more time – as well as for food enthusiasts, (to-be) momma’s, and crafters!

Instead of focusing on all the negativity I was feeling from the job that takes my husband away on long hours most days, I instead {dug really, really deep} and found that I have a passion for finding & making new recipes, crafting (from card making to sewing), and parenting (but seriously, who wouldn’t love parenting with that face!?). I love writing, so I decided to channel my inner English major, and share my successes, failures, and personal growth with you all. I hope that I will inspire you to channel something within your soul for your betterment.






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