Cloth Diapering 101: Why choose them?

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession.
It’s a weird obsession…and it has to do with my baby.
Okay more like my baby’s butt.

But to be exact, I have an obsession with his cloth diapers.

Ahoy, matey!

Ahoy, matey!

I wasn’t always a cloth diapering fanatic. In fact, when I first brought my son into this world I was totally against it.  The thought of cloth diapering overwhelmed me. All I could imagine was my son pooping into some fabric, me putting said poop into the washer, and essentially washing poop. So basically all I could think about was poop, everywhere.
After a lot of research, talking with a few friends who cloth diapered, and really talking it over with my husband, we decided to give it a shot.

There were a few things about cloth diapering that really sold me.

  1. Cost: I bought 24 cloth diapers upfront. From all the research I did, 24 diapers was a good starting point for beginner cloth diapering parents. I paid $400 with free shipping from for my 24 BumGenius diapers.
    Disposables cost around $38 for a large pack of 168 for the newborn size, Pampers brand. Typically, you change your newborn anywhere from 8-12 times a day. Using the higher end of 12 diapers/day, you will have gone through that newborn bundle in 2 weeks. So sticking with newborn prices (diapers go up in price with size, and you also lose roughly 20 diapers per package), you will have hit the $400 dollar mark in 5 months.
    When I used cottonbabies to purchase my sons diapers, I paid via paypal. I was lucky enough to qualify for their service, Bill Me Later. It allows you to pay off purchases $99 or more, over 6 months with no interest, as long as you have paid off the item within 6 months of purchase. This is a great finance option for those of us who can’t just afford $400 upfront.
  2. Eco-Friendly: I’m not the best recycler. In fact, I won’t do it unless I have the bin next to me. I’m not the most eco-friendly person, though I’m working on it.
    According to cottonbabies website, one baby using disposables can produce up to 1 ton of waste by the age of 2. That’s a heaping pile, both literally and figuratively.
  3. No more Blow Outs: I had read and read that using cloth diapers eliminates the in-the-hair, up your back, under the armpit blowout diapers. I was genuinely excited to use cloth diapers for this reason alone. I am here to tell you, that this is true. Since starting my son in cloth diapers when he was 9 weeks old, I have yet to have a blowout. It has been glorious for all parties involved (his car seat, his clothes, his hair…my clothes).
  4. Ease: I never have to run out to the store to buy more diapers: they’re already in my home. If I know I need more diapers for the next day, I put a load in the wash, let them dry overnight, and voila, they are ready for use the next day.

I also have to report, that since using cloth diapers, my son hasn’t had a single diaper rash. He does have sensitive skin, and after cloth diapering I realized that cloth diapers don’t have the chemicals in them that most disposables do.

I hope I’ve sold a few of you onto cloth diapering. In a few upcoming posts, I’ll discuss how to properly care for your cloth diapers, and traveling tips.


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